**The Data Whisperer**  Master Data Influencer - Strategic SME - Business Evangelist  Master (Data) Storyteller - Inspirational Speaker


"Good decisions made on bad data are just bad decisions you don't know about yet!"
Partnering with innovative Tech Brands that want to change the nature of data management - and help them tell their story!

As **The Data Whisperer** I help "calm data down"

I am a firm believer in “making your data do the work,” and have enlightened countless business executives to the value of proper data management by focusing on the strategic rationale and business alignment rather than technical implementation and system integration.

I'm more of the strategic WHY than the technical HOW.

I have spent over two decades solving master data challenges with large global enterprises as well as guiding Tech Brand owners to leverage their reference data and taxonomy assets.

In a variety of strategic marketing, GTM, innovation and consulting roles, I have worked with some of the world’s most iconic business data brands including Dun & Bradstreet, Nielsen, Microsoft, Kantar, NPD as well as start-ups such as Qoints and Spiceworks.

I'm an avid business evangelist and original thinker, and continually share my passion for the strategic value of foundational data through public speaking opportunities, blogs, videos, whitepapers, podcasts and all forms of marketing content.

If you are an innovative Tech Brand looking to change the very nature of data management let me help you tell a better story!


Surviving the Data Revolution

Digital Transformation can mean a lot of different things to different people. But for everyone it means dealing with more data than ever before. #Industry4.0, #Cloud, #BigData, #Robotics, #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning, #blockchain, #IoT (internet of things) and similar technological advancements are changing the very nature of commerce across every business sector in every market. Business leaders must find innovative ways to manage all this data and put it to use. We are indeed...


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